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The One is a custom made version of the OS3D Mask.

The body is 3D Printed and a custom made silicon ring is added to the mask

so the ''One'' fits perfectly on the face, allowing extensive use for long periods of time.

OS3D One

  • Highest medical-grade bacterial and particle filtration efficiency standards

  • Over 5x more breathable than traditional meltblown filters used in disposable face masks

  • No CO2 build-up within the mask over extensive use

  • No heat build-up within the mask over extensive use

  • Can be used for up to 4 hours in a non-healthcare setting (otherwise, changing filters with every patient is recommended)

  • Filters can be safely removed and changed in less than 10 seconds

Personalize your OS3D Mask with the OS3D You HERE
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OS3D white blue mask.png
OS3D mondmasker roze wit.png
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