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                           Greencycl (NL)

OS3D masker wit.png

A new generation of mask filters.

Higher bacterial, viral, and particle filtration efficiency, and 6 to 8 times more breathable than all previous filters. You will never have to compromise safety for comfort ever again.

OS3D Filters

  • Certified Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Viral Filtration Efficiency of 99.9%

  • Certified Particle Filtration Efficiency of 99.3%

  • Certified breathability index 6x better than any other N95 face mask

  • Removable and changeable filters without mask removal

  • Re-washable up to 50+ uses

  • Cheaper than any other reusable filter on the market

Personalize your OS3D Mask with the OS3D You HERE
OS3D Mondmasker geel roze.png
OS3D white blue mask.png
OS3D mondmasker roze wit.png
OS3D mondmasker zwart.png
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