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OS3D masker wit.png
OS3D mondmasker zwart.png

The comfort, breathability, and all other features of the One, with the simplicity of a standard product. No face scan, no 3D-printing, available in all standard sizes, suitable for all types of faces. The perfect solution to equip a large fleet of employees or customers.

OS3D Core

  • The quality of the One with the simplicity of the Core

  • Exactly the same features of the ''One'' but without the custom fitting and 3D Printing

  • A standard mask that was designed and optimized from a 10,000+ biometric references database

  • Standard sizes available from X-Small to X-Large

  • Your choice out of 5 color designs

  • Filters can be safely changed within 10 sec.

Personalize your OS3D Mask with the OS3D You HERE
OS3D Mondmasker geel roze.png
OS3D white blue mask.png
OS3D mondmasker roze wit.png
OS3D mondmasker zwart.png
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