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The Problem

The mask cuts into the skin
Masker snijdt in gezicht.jpg

Since the masks are made in standard sizes, they do not fit every face perfectly and cause painful welts when worn tightly.

The Solution

The mask sits on the face perfectly

Since the mask is based on the 3D scan of the user's face, it sits on the face comfortably, without creating painful pressure points.

Imperfect Protection
slechte bescherming.jpg

Because the mask does not fit perfect, there unfiltered air leaks in through inevitable gaps. As a result, the mask is rendered ineffective.

Optimal Protection

The mask fits perfectly and the silicone ring creates an air tight seal with the face. Only filtered air is allowed in. This ensures optimal protection, compliant with PPE guidelines.

Lots of waste
mondmasker afval.webp

Face masks are never reused and become waste.

In 2020 alone, over 85 billion masks will end up in landfills.

Reusable solution

The mask itself can be sterilised and reused indefinitely, but our filters can also be reused over 100 times. 

This drastically reduces waste.

neppe mondmaskers.jpg

Due to the desperate shortages of masks in 2020, a large number fake masks with counterfeit certificates have found their way to the market. 


The OS3D Mask is certified by Dutch government-recognised bodies, so we guarantee meeting official standards.

The mask cuts behind the ear
oncomfortabel mondmasker.jpeg
Improved design

In the current design of the masks, the closure often digs in behind the ears. This is very uncomfortable and can lead to wounds. 

The improved design of the OS3D Mask allows you to wear the mask all day without experiencing any problems.

Check out the OS3D One Mask HERE
OS3D white blue mask.png
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